Here you’ll find a collection of frequently asked questions regarding our products and services. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact our team who will be happy to help.

Intruder Alarm FAQs

Yes, with a live maintenance agreement, all of our intruder alarm systems come with a two year guarantee.


Premier alarm systems can be either bells only or monitored, depending on the individual client requirements. Monitoring is a strongly recommended service in that it helps guarantee a response to your alarm system being activated, either by keyholders or the emergency services.


In short yes! With Premier, you own your system outright. We do not believe in long term rental agreements or hidden contractual terms where you are not able to move your alarm or service provider. We can therefore quote for the removal and relocation of your alarm system as required.

CCTV System FAQs

This is client dependent. Most client’s choose to have this running for approximately 30 days but the hard drive can be tailored to your individual memory requirements.

Yes, they can do. We just integrate microphones into the cameras which can record the audio as well as the video footage.

Externally, it is best to locate these at high level to avoid vandalism and tampering, and if required internally these can be concealed for covert footage or as discreetly as possible within key rooms to blend with the aesthetics of the premises. We would design the CCTV system bespoke to your property, but ideally we would be looking for a general view of the property and the grounds, with a particular focus on the key vulnerable areas.


The grade of the safe determines the value of cash or jewellery that the safe is recommended to hold. It is important to ensure you choose the correct grade for your current collection, whilst future proofing for further purchases

You would need to discuss this with your individual insurer but yes, having the correct security measures in place can indeed have a positive effect on your insurance premium.

Yes we do; should you need a safe opened, serviced or moved for example, we have a network of safe engineers available to assist.



Service is where Premier excels most. Every member of our team is dedicated to providing the quality of service we are renowned for.

Second-to-none installation services, by our specialist engineering team, from alarms to safes, CCTV to gates.

Your Premier service agreement gives you peace of mind that the reliability of your system is being maintained and you have our engineering team on hand 24/7.

Receive instant notification of intruder, fire, personal attack and flood calls from your security system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are currently experiencing poor service levels from your existing security provider, contact Premier for a smooth transition to a more professional team.

Premier provide complete locksmith and safe engineering services from lock repair and replacement to safe opening and removal.


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You don't need a Premier System to get Premier Service

Premier is pleased to take over the maintenance of any existing security system, extending the same high level of professional service and competitive rates as those enjoyed by thousands of our regular customers.