What levels of fire protection are available?

What levels of fire protection are available?

Fire Alarm Products

Ensuring you have fire protection in your home is the best way to protect your family, premises and contents. In this blog, we will discuss the different levels of fire protection that are available from a single battery-operated smoke detector to a fully integrated fire alarm system.

Battery operated smoke detector

These DIY smoke detectors are the ones you are likely to be the most familiar with. Battery operated smoke detectors can be installed by homeowners quickly and simply. These detectors are predominantly used for life safety, getting the homeowner out of the property as quickly as possible in the event of a fire. The limitation of these detectors, is that if the homeowner is away from the property, limited or no notifications are sent to make them aware of this situation. They also rely solely on the homeowner remembering to test the battery, which if this fails, leaves no coverage. We recommend testing your smoke detectors once a month.

Mains powered smoke detector

Mains powered smoke detectors are installed by an electrician, and with their improved power source, as well as back up batteries, they are a step up from the battery-operated alternative. An additional benefit is that detectors in different rooms are usually interlinked, meaning if there is a fire in one area, all the detectors will be set off. It is worth noting that just like a battery-operated smoke detector, the limitation of these detectors is that they cannot be centrally monitored, and therefore have minimal effectiveness in thwarting a fire when the homeowner is away from the premises. 

Smoke detection on an intruder alarm

For improved fire protection, smoke detectors can be integrated onto an intruder alarm system. These detectors would be installed by an intruder alarm specialist and can either be wireless or hardwired. The beauty of these detectors is that they offer both life safety for the family when at home, as well as remote notification of a fire being detected when the homeowner is away from the premises, as they can be centrally monitored. A centrally monitored smoke detector means the homeowner, keyholders, or the emergency services can be called in the event of a fire, for a quicker and more effective response. 

Intruder alarm control panels are mains powered with battery back-up, for peace of mind in a power outage. It is also important to note that these smoke detectors and batteries would be tested by a professional as part of the intruder alarm maintenance package, taking this pressure away from the homeowner. These smoke detectors can be part of a brand-new system or added onto existing intruder alarm systems with minimal fuss. 

BS5839 Fire Alarm System

For full compliance, a BS5839 system offers the ultimate in stability for fire protection as it is designed solely for dedicated smoke and heat detection within the premises. This type of fire alarm system is mains powered with battery backup and can either be wireless or hardwired. This fire alarm system is designed for life safety, but can be centrally monitored, so if the premises is unoccupied in the event of a fire, the homeowner, keyholders or the emergency services can be notified.  

For further information about the levels of fire protection that are available, please contact our team who will be happy to provide advice and guidance.

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Fire Alarm Products
Fire Alarm Products


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